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A new billing model

The Moj-eRačun service, as the only information intermediary with active service delivery whose task is to ensure a successful download of eInvoices sent by our clients, has achieved a success rate of over 98 %. Seeing as the eInvoices sent via our service are available for download only for a short period of time after being sent, the most appropriate billing model is a monthly bill according to the amount of eInvoices sent during the current month (eInvoices which have been sent and can be downloaded by buyers). Our previous practice involved a billing model according to which the sender was able to send a specific number of eInvoices at the end of the month and the eInvoices were downloaded in the following month with the help of our customer service.

Based on your inquiries, we found that such a model was not entirely adequate. A certain portion of users was not able to precisely calculate the actual monthly consumption of our services, which we hope to fix with the new billing model.

4 May 2021